Das (Luxury) Auto in High Demand

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VW Touareg

The rich are getting richer and the demand for luxury Volkswagen rides has risen higher than ever. However, it’s not just the VW models like the Touareg, Touareg Hybrid and the GTI that are catching more glances. Even with a still struggling European market, other markets (ahem, China) are honing in on all of Volkswagen’s brands, driving up sales and securing Das Auto’s place as one of the most desirable of all rides. With global wealth on the rise, it’s no surprise that Bentley and Porsche—also VW brands—are enjoying a continual spike in popularity.

This is good news even if you don’t top any lists of the world’s wealthiest people. Higher volumes in luxury divisions boost VW’s entire line growth and trickle down to better price mixing overall. For Porsche, the 918 Spyder, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne SUV and Panamera are getting the most interest. Plus, the addition of the Macan SUV in 2014 didn’t hurt. Bentley is being eyed for the Flying Spur, Mulsanne and Continental GT.

“Stocking” Stuffers

Currently, Volkswagen AG’s stock price estimate is hovering right under $50, which is about six percent higher than the market price. You can thank Porsche for a 15 percent delivery rise compared to 2013—and a 21 percent rise in the US. They’re a hot item in the Middle East and Asia, and with the average vehicle costing $122,000 it’s no wonder these sales are helping VW remain at the top. Of course, Bentleys average $200,000 in revenues per car sold, and six percent of those sales are right over that threshold.

The brand new Macan, much like Tiguan, GTI and Touareg, are targeting the thriving crossover market and with great success. Who wouldn’t want all the functionality an SUV offers with the luxury and comfort of a sedan? When you have disposable income at your fingertips, a luxe-laden crossover is your perfect pairing to a more than comfortable lifestyle. Globally, crossovers are slated to increase by five million in the next three years, and VW is happy to deliver.

High Net Worth Buyers Demand More Pampering

Thanks to the Jones’s next door, new VW models in all brands and also the 2015 models feature more “just for fun” options than ever. In 2014, there were 1.76 million more “high net worth people” in the world compared to 2013, so keeping up with the neighbors is getting easier for some. This is most common in North America—the wealthiest region and the fastest high net worth growing market at 17 percent per year.

But you don’t need to be filthy rich to live like it. There’s a VW for everyone with perks to spare.

VW Fans “BugOut” for Fall

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Bug Out Poster

Photo Courtesy of bug-out.com

Twice yearly, hundreds of Volkswagen fans head to the Virginia Motorsports Park to do what they do best—“BugOut.” This year, around 3,000 participants attended to check out drag racing, the epic swap meet (perfect for finding vintage parts) and of course the car show. According to Less Steger, the man behind getting everyone to BugOut, “It’s the 76th show. I’ve been doing it for 34 years…it’s grown from only a couple cars up to what it is now.”

BugOut is the biggest all-VW event in the country and the crowd it draws is just as eclectic as the lineup of models. Many of the attendees have one mission: To find exactly what they need to completely remodel or rebuild a beloved ride. Steger says, “I think that’s kind of what draws them here. They come here to buy parts so that if they’re working on something, they can get it finished.”

Bugging Out for Years

Warren Jones from Yorktown bugs out every year and considers himself a regular. As the owner of three Volkswagens, he says the real draw is seeing fellow enthusiasts and reconnecting with friends he’s made over the years. “I’ve been coming to BugOuts for many years and this is pretty much an every Labor Day, every Memorial Day activity.” Jones first got the “bug” in high school when he helped a friend fix a Volkswagen and he’s been hooked ever since.

Kerry Grant from Norfolk says this is her eighth BugOut, and she doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon. “It’s great to see all the old cars. It’s great to see all the Beetles and all the Volkswagens, all the different types.” For Grant, she adored a friend’s Volkswagen so much that she had to get one of her own. “I was being a copycat,” she admitted, and she’s also an ardent car collector—but of the six she owns, two are VW’s.

Herbie Wannabes

Grant, like many others, says the real thrill is the drag racing—Herbie style. “The funniest thing to watch is Beetles race,” she says. At 11 years old, fellow attendee David Demattos from North Carolina says his uncle got him into watching Beetles race and he couldn’t wait for the “really fast Volkswagens.” An early fan, he’s still got a few years before snagging a driver’s license, but he says a Volkswagen will be his first car. “It’s waiting for me to fix up—bought my first part for it today,” he says.

David’s uncle, Charles Powell, says his first car was a VW in the 60s and he “fell in love with the little things.” Since then, he’s collected over 100 Volkswagens and is thrilled his nephew has taken an interest. “It’s a project me and him are going to work on together,” he says.