VW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle en Route for November Release

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VW Group Fuel Cell

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming November Los Angeles Auto Show, but Volkswagen is in the eye of the storm. It’s rumored that the company’s first hydrogen fuel cell car will make an appearance—making VW one of the final manufacturers to commit to the alternative new energy fuel. Common in California, Japan and Germany, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are an alternative to battery-fueled d-cars. This will secure VW’s spot as the greenest manufacturer in the world since it’s already the only carmaker with two popular e-cars (the eUp and eGolf).

However, the demand for e-cars is relatively small, which means production is small (around 100 cars each day). While Volkswagen has already promised by make a hybrid version of nearly every vehicle it manufacturers by 2018, that’s not enough. They want to do more. With the Passat GTE and Golf GTE kicking off production, California is already boasting hydrogen fuel stations mapped for an incredible buildout. In early 2014 there were only nine and by 2020 the state promises at least 100 stations.

Will Volkswagen be the manufacturer sending the majority of Californians to these new fuel stations?

How Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work

Compared to gasoline, this type of fuel cell is costlier—so why buy them ? Beyond being a greener source of energy (though not kinder to the pocketbook), there are upsides compared to electric cars. For example, batteries are expensive to make, take a long time to recharge and recharging stations are tough to come buy. Plus, with the government penalizing automakers for making diesel/gas cars, the incentives and subsidies for e-machines is alluring.

Until Now, Volkswagen and Nissan have voiced skepticism over hydrogen fuel cell cars. They just don’t think the market is ready and aren’t sure about the reality of creating hydrogel fuel stations in time. However, VW is clearly changing its tune—although there’s no word on when the latest alternative machine will be commercially available or where, although it’s assumed Germany and California will top the lists.

I’m a Model…

It’s also unclear which VW model will boast hydro fuel cell drivetrains. Known for modular platforms, the Gold (for example) is easy to offer with a variety of drivetrains. Since hydrogen fuel cell vehicles need a lot of room for those hydrogen tanks, an SUV or crossover might be a good bet. And given the estimation that VW is going to unveil a three-row SUV in 2016, that could be the perfect match.

Until Volkswagen makes an official statement, fans are left waiting to check out debuts at the upcoming California auto show. Is Volkswagen going to make a gamble that pays off? Maybe—here’s to hoping.

4 Ways to Stay Safe behind the Wheel of Your VW this Halloween

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Halloween Driving

Halloween is right around the corner—and this year on a Friday, which means your Volkswagen is more at risk than ever. The roads are dangerous, and not just because of potential ghosts and goblins that might be haunting the highways. Each year, about 38 percent of fatal crashes on Halloween involve at least one driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level above .08 and 52 percent of all fatalities during this holiday involve drunk driving.

Stick with the treats and not the tricks this Halloween, whether you’re heading to a costume party or touting the kids to the better-candied neighborhood. You’re already ahead of the curve with your VW, since all models feature some of the best safety ratings available. Double up your protection by following these Halloween safety tips:

1. Practice Defensive Driving

Even if you don’t have a sip of witches brew (as you shouldn’t), that doesn’t mean the other drivers will be as smart. If you have to drive, do it slower, watch for signs of drunk drivers and if you need a little encouragement to stick below the speed limit remember that police are out in full force.

2. Don’t Get Distracted

Whether you’re rocking out to Monster Mash or your costume hinders your vision, distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Don’t text, don’t eat behind the wheel and take off any costume pieces that make it challenging to drive well. Otherwise, you might not even notice a swerving car heading straight toward you.

3. Buckle Up

Obviously, right? However, it’s easy to overlook your passenger in the backseat who’s too tired to put on their seatbelt, or opt out yourself since you’re “just driving a couple miles” and the seatbelt might wrinkle your costume. If you do get into an accident, a seatbelt can make the difference between a fatality and “barely a scratch.”

4. Serve Mocktails at Your Own Party

The best way to avoid a Halloween accident is by not being in a vehicle at all—even a taxi or designated drivers’. If you’re playing it safe and hosting a party instead, do your guests a favor and stick with non-alcoholic drinks. In some instances, you might be held responsible if one of your guests over-indulges and then gets into an accident on the way home.

No matter how you plan to celebrate this season, take precautions. This is no time to re-enact Stephen King’s “Christine” and risk your life—or the life of others—for the sake of a good time. Besides, with candy corn and mini chocolates, who needs a Kahlua Black Cat for a killer (in all the right ways) Halloween?