VW Owners are So Vain

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Custom Volkswagen

Own a Volkswagen and proud of it? They don’t call them “vanity” plates for nothing, and when it comes to customizing your ride, VW drivers are some of the most creative out there. Have you ever seen a vanity plate and had no idea what it meant? Was it obvious that the owners went with their initials? While inside jokes are fun for a select few and monogramming your belongings is definitely an egomaniacal throwback move, if you’re going vain then use the opportunity to showcase your wit, charm and Volkswagen pride.

If you’ve been scouring the far reaches of the web to find the most original and standout vanity options for all type of Volkswagen models, let this list serve as inspiration before sending your paperwork to the DMV. Remember: With a vanity plate, you’re simply “leasing” the right to use a specific combination of characters for often a very short amount of time. If you spot the perfect vanity plate and want to steal it, there’s a chance it’ll be up for grabs soon.

BUG OFF With Your Beetle

Beetles are arguably one of the most fun Volkswagens to personalize, with BUG OFF being a top pick across the country. Of course, HERBIE or some version of the famous Beetle’s name is also a top choice, especially for classic movie lovers who still remember watching it over and over again. STING and HNYBEE are favorites for yellow beetles, likening your ride to adorable bugs that pack a punch because that’s just how you roll.

From BUZZZZ to LDYBUG, there are all types of ways to spice up your Beetle. It doesn’t matter if you have a classic model or the latest 2015 turbocharged model. It’s clear you have classic taste, a love for adorable things and now you’re looking for the perfect accessory to your ride of choice by customizing the plate. Who needs a flower vase when you can have FLOWER power from bumper to bumper?

JET OUT in a Jetta

With a name like Jetta, the options here are limitless. Popular choices include JET OUT, JETSON and BUHBYE. A moniker like Jetta suggests the kind of slick lines and speed that you know your ride doles out by the horsepower, but you want to make sure everyone else on the road knows you’re a ROCKET man (or woman), too. FLYAJET, JETIFUL and GOTJET are choices prime for the taking.

No matter what type of Volkswagen you have, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. MYSTRY for your VW bus, FORE for your Golf or BUGSY for your classic Rabbit bring your VW to the next level—and you thought that wasn’t possible.

2015 VW Golf’s Insane Shopping Spree

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Shopping Spree

The new 2015 VW Golf and shopping go together like German engineering and sleek styling. Volkswagen is known for forging perfect relationships with fellow leading brands, and the latest threesome of VW, Funny or Die and Target is no exception. The latest Funny or Die ad features Rob Huebel of Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital as The Way Too Helpful Neighbor—with the new Golf. He’s shown in a grand attempt to help his buddy next door spruce up his pad before meeting the girlfriend’s parents.

Obviously, the best way to get this done is to drift a Golf through a massive Target—and this was no stage or prop-riddled studio in California. The stunts are real, and a Texas-based Target was used for filming. The goal, of course, was to showcase some of Target’s goods, but the real showstopper was the latest Golf. You can catch it on air during Conan O’Brien’s show.

Funny and Good Looking

VW doesn’t shy away from using humor in ads, with some of the auto manufacturer leader’s best spots still remembered years later. However, the Funny or Die spot takes humor to another level. The title might suggest that it’s the neighbor who’s insanely helpful, but that designation might be better suited to the Golf. Versatile, gorgeous and spacious, yet slick enough to navigate aisles that are actually reserved for shopping carts, it’s the perfect ride for upcoming holiday shopping sprees and navigating crowded parking lots.

VP of Brand Marketing, Vinay Shahani says, “The incredible, versatile Golf gives our creative team free reign to come up with wild ideas. Funny or Die is one of the most recognized and sought after brands in comedy today, so we knew they would be the perfect partner to amplify Volkswagen’s unique sense of humor.” Funny or Die agrees, with the VP of Branded Entertainment, Chris Bruss, noting, “this is our first time working with Volkswagen, and this was a very exciting opportunity for our team to partner with a brand known for some of the most interesting and innovative advertising campaigns of the last half-century.”

The Car for the Shopaholic

It’s clear from the spot that the 2015 Golf looks fantastic and it clearly has what it takes to dominate a Target in under 60 seconds, but what’s under the hood that’s making it all possible? Years of hard work making one of the most famous Volkswagen models that suits consumer demands. Fans have been waiting impatiently for the seventh generation Golf and it’s here, an inch lower, a little longer, a smidge lighter and a lot roomier on the inside.

Available in a 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder or 2.0-liter turbo diesel, the three-door hatchback feature is back—as well as a special Golf Sport and Launch Edition. On a budget? The TDI ensures you’ll have plenty of greenbacks for epic shopping adventures of your own.