4 Songs for the Ultimate Autumn Cruising Playlist

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Autumn Playlist

Volkswagens and cruising go together like hot chocolate and whipped cream. It’s time to put that Will Smith “Summertime” Throwback Jams Playlist on pause for a few months—but don’t despair. The ultimate autumn cruising playlist includes a smattering of Volkswagen-approved songs that never get old and pair perfectly with bright leaves crunching beneath your tires. Whether it’s a kid-friendly commute that requires nary a foul word or your own personal rush hour rock-out, drive off into the sunset with the right soundtrack.

Here are a few must-have hits to get your playlist started. From Golfs to Passats, every Volkswagen deserves a score fit for royalty (and so do you):

1. “Jam” by A Tribe Called Quest

“This was around the time when I didn’t know no better, Juney moved around in a tinted out Jetta.” Not everyone who cruises in a Jetta is going to tempt you to the dark side, but you know one thing’s certain: They have style, a craving for speed and if they opt for tinted features, who knows what else they might be hiding. (Pro tip: Maybe it’s just a good time).

2 “The Grouch” by Artsy

“I’m down with VW’s and flossed-out caddy’s”—well, who isn’t? Most Volkswagen fans are collectors, but sometimes it spices things up to add a new make into the mix. Once you have your classic and new Beetle, your microbus and maybe a sports model or SUV, a Cadillac can certainly be the garnish for your VW collection (but you know it’ll never be the star).

3. “Da Da Da” by Trio

Even several years later, Trio’s one hit wonder “Da Da Da” is still interwoven tightly with Volkswagen. Of course, the German manufacturer has always had a knack for creating awesome commercials and some of them will stick with your for life (in a good way). No Volkswagen owner’s playlist is complete without this gem, and it’s very kid-friendly, too.

4. “AquaCity Boy” by K-os

“Used to take the Jetta downtown to check the sound of DJ X and Matermindin’ the underground.” Artists certainly have a penchant for Jettas, but that’s not surprising. Sometimes they have fond memories of cruising around in their own affordable model, other times they simply think of these Volkswagen’s as the quality “staple” everyone should have—kind of like a white T-shirt with a high thread count.

From “Red Ragtop” to Jay-Z claiming he’s “in love with a V-Dub engine”, the adoration of Volkswagens is addictive. Does your playlist match your fangirl/fanboy-dom?

Why October’s The Best Time to Buy a VW Car Hands Down

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New Volkswagens

Buying a used or new Volkswagen isn’t quite like buying a swimsuit, house or winter coat—it’s much more exciting (and will stay in style much longer than that monokini!). However, there’s one major similarity: There’s a “best” time to buy a car, both new and used. September and October rein supreme as the car buying season since it’s the time when dealerships need to clear out existing inventory to make room for the 2015 models.

This means even more competitive pricing than normal, as well as great deals on the brand new models that are fresh off the delivery trucks. Excepting a house, your vehicle is likely the priciest investment you can make. Whether it’s a Jetta or a GTI, it’s what’ll stick with you through the years, getting you from Point A to Point B, from weekend warrior-ing to Sunday brunches and it’s your trusty stallion that lets you ride into the evening commute sunset.

Wheeling and Dealing

Timing is everything with car shopping, but don’t forget about the other great ways to save: Zero-interest financing, rebates and simply counting on a local VW dealership renowned for fair pricing and no hard or upsells. However, if you’ve ever been accused of procrastinating, with car shopping that’s finally a good thing. The end of the year (and preferably the end of the month) is when car buying magic happens.

Even if your dealership has employees who don’t work on commission, they might operate on a monthly bonus system. That means more incentives to offer the best pricing to you. Even better, there might be an annual bonus on deck, which is much more alluring. Add into the mix new arrivals that are claiming precious showroom and lot space, and suddenly it’s a car buyer’s market. Even though the 2014 and used models might be in flawless condition (sometimes with next to no miles), the fresh blood still gets precedence—and you reap all the benefits.

Beware Spring Chickens

Alternately, you may pay a bit more to buy a car in the spring. Everyone has their tax refunds, people are driving more as the weather clears up and convertibles like the Beetle get in hot demand. That’s the car buying season where dealers have less pressure to sell and more customers are in the market, so discounts aren’t quite as prevalent at some dealerships.

Want to buy a car on your own terms and your own timing? If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter quite as much whether Halloween or Memorial Day is just around the corner. Rely on a reputable, local dealership just like Strong Volkswagen that doesn’t price based on bonus systems or the weather. Any time of year is a great time to buy a Volkswagen, but having a new ride for the tough winter months can make that winter wonderland a little more wonderful.