Check Out the VW SUV Coming to Chattanooga

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A “true American car” will soon be made in the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant according to CEO Martin Winkterkorn—but what’s it going to look like? “Big, attractive and with lots of high tech on board” Winterkorn promises, which does indeed sound like the American dream on wheels. The Tennessee factory opened to great fanfare in 2011 as part of a 1405351950000-DB2012AU01445campaign to sell a minimum of 800,000 domestic vehicles by 2018. However, sales have been slumping recently in the US, but VW is sure to get back on track by taking the SUV market by storm.

While the auto giant’s key players, like the Passat, continue to perform well in the US market, overall sales are down by 13 percent this year. A midsized SUV directly targeted to the average American consumer might just be their ticket to vehicular domination. It’s slated to become available in 2016 and on the heels of the new R & D center also in Chattanooga. In total, VW has promised a $600 million investment in the next two years, all directed towards this southern state.

Flexing Those Muscles

Even though the announcement was just made in July 2014, plenty of experts are already piping up. An AutoTrader senior analyst, Michelle Krebs, says that VW needs to “beef up its portfolio” in order to secure the title of top automaker in four years—and VW agrees. Volkswagen’s head of operations in Chattanooga, Christian Koch says, “This vehicle will play a big role in our success here in America.”

As for Tennesseans themselves, they’re fully behind Volkswagen’s expansion, which means more jobs and more stability. Senator Bob Corker and Governor Bill Haslam were both in Germany for the SUV announcement and had nothing but kind words to say about their fellow Tennessee workers. Corker says “lives are being changed” due to VW and gave a special shout out to everyone who works at the plant. As for Haslam, he also thanked the workers and said he’s sure VW wouldn’t be moving forward with an SUV if the company “didn’t have confidence in the quality of the workmanship.”

Putting the Money Where the Motor Is

Haslam notes, “It means a lot to us that Volkswagen would double down on their bet on Chattanooga.” Part of the deal includes VW getting $166 million in incentives that will be directed towards plant development with an extra $12 million just for worker training. Whether or not this means a big surplus of new jobs is still up in the air, but one thing is certain—VW knows what drivers want, and a little extra power and space is a sure thing.

4 Signs You Need a New VW Ride

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Has your “baby” – also known as your old vehicle – grown into the equivalent of an adult who’s leeching off of you, refusing to get off the couch and basically playing video games all day? It might be time for you to replace your outdated clunker with a new ride. However, Old Carit can be tough to let go of what used to be a good thing—and sometimes you don’t even know what you’re missing out on until you get a taste of the good life.

There’s a Volkswagen for everyone, regardless of your budget, how power hungry you are (hello, Touareg) or how frightening you find a trip to the gas station (don’t worry, that’s what VW hybrids and electric cars are for). Still on the fence? Here are a few signs it’s time to say out with the old and in with the new.

1. You’re embarrassed to pick your date up.

Do you find yourself planning to meet your next hot date instead of picking them up? Afraid of what they’ll think of your “vintage” beater? You’re missing out on some great things, like old school makeout sessions in the car, drive-in movie dates and maybe even the possibility that your soul mate could escape your life as you’re too embarrassed to be chivalrous.

2. You can’t remember the last time someone did a double take as you drove by.

Remember the thrill of seeing people turn and stare because your car was just that impressive? How about those head nods and one-handed salutes when you passed a driver in the same car? You’re not in the cool kids club anymore—in fact, you’re basically the road equivalent of an outcast. It’s human nature to want to impress and you probably are, but not in a good way. There are classic cars and classy cars that will turn heads but if yours is not getting any love, it may just be ready to donate for a good cause.

3. The car wash attendants think you just need directions.

Are you not getting good service at the car wash because nobody can understand why you’d care to keep such an oldie in top condition? You can judge just how incredible your ride is by how it’s treated at the car wash. Haven’t been to the car wash in eons? That also speaks volumes about your own impression of your ride.

4. You never volunteer to drive on road trips.

It’s not too late for a summer road trip or too early to start planning those winter mountain getaways. However, if you’re always offering gas money instead of volunteering to get behind the wheel, there’s a reason why—maybe you’re just embarrassed, or maybe you know your car won’t make it beyond the city limits.

Are you guilty of any of these? If so, that’s a clue it’s time to check out a new Volkswagen to ensure you’ll be styling on the roads for years to come.